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In 2005 Mr. Fulgoni (owner) had decided to move New Jersey Window Cleaning from a part-time venture to full-time. While in his 10 th year of service in the U.S. Military, Mr. Fulgoni had a very important choice to make. One that would effect the lives of his family greatly. Either stay in the service for another 10 years to make pension or get out. Mr. Fulgoni ran New Jersey Window Cleaning for 3 years on weekends and days off and had all the confidence he could make his business a success. So in 2005 he left the service with a heavy heart.


Every year the business would grow and grow. Mr. Fulgoni would apply what he had learned in the military towards running his business. First and foremost, everyone knows how to clean but not everyone knows how to "military clean". Mr. Fulgoni would go to great lengths to try and remove every speck of dirt, often becoming obsessed with making the windows look as best as they possibly could. Of course overtime he had realized in some cases no amount of cleaning would work. Some windows had been neglected for so long staining had set into the vinyl framing or the glass itself had become ruined. But because his clients saw how hard he worked to make the windows look their best, word of mouth spread fast amongst his clients. Referrals became a major source of new business.


Before turning his business full time, he looked at other competitors companies for weaknesses that he could capitalize on. One of the most frequent problems he found was the lack of communication. "No one answers the phone or returns calls. I had no idea if they were still in business or not." That was problem #1 that could be easily fixed. Mr. Fulgoni would ensure every phone call was answered or at least returned within 24 hours.


Problem #2 he would learn is the appearance of the other companies employees. Many would wear whatever clothes they wanted as the companies had no uniform policy or just did not care how their employees looked. Mr. Fulgoni knew from his military experience that what an individual is wearing to work not only represents how the employee feels about themselves but also reflects greatly on the company they represent. This was also an easy fix. Mr. Fulgoni would implement a dress policy. All his employees would have a clean cut and neat appearance at all times.


The problem #3 he had found was pricing. Many of his competitors prices were very confusing. They would charge for every little detail that he felt should be included in the job. "Tracks are part of a window. How can someone charge extra for cleaning the tracks?"

Mr. Fulgoni then decided his pricing would be simple and straight forward. All prices quoted would be for inside and outside window and screen cleaning to include frames, tracks, sills, upper and lower sashes. He also decided to offer phone quotes. After cleaning windows for 3 years he had a system were if you told him the square footage of your home, he could give you a rough quote. He now incorporates that with internet mapping tools to get a view of your home. With his experience and these tools he can quote for a window cleaning over the phone in about 10 minutes.



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